LittleMouse is your resource for IT consulting, technology solutions, and problem-solving know-how in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond.


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  • Valiant Entertainment
    "LittleMouse has worked with us every step of the way to make ValkyrieCRM feel like it was built just for us" -- Atom! Freeman, Sales Manager
  • Namaste Inc
    Whether we were building an online shopping cart, or discussing the finer points of PCI Compliance, LittleMouse Productions has always been there to guide us along the way. Hosting, development, even support...they can do it all. We can't imagine the business moving forward without their support.
  • Rising Phoenix Fitness and Martial Arts
    Personal Training is a hard occupational choice. You make your living by convincing people to eschew the short term gratification in favor of the long term results. Customers come and go. LittleMouse Productions has given me the tools I need to reach my customers and maintain that contact with them,  maximizing their productivity, and making sure my business continues smoothly.

Have any questions?

Contact us for a free quote or consultation.

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