Why Should You Make Simple Contract

A Contract Should be Simple, Right?

I saw this posted on my Facebook wall today, and it was followed by a large chorus of “here here’s” from the poster’s following. Between artists and developers, I have many people I am friends with or following that frequently are in client / provider positions on a regular basis. I was shocked to see how many people seemed very approving of this idea. It seductive to think that all that “legal jargon,” as the article refers to it, is put there by unscrupulous lawyer types just to hide the truth from us plain-speakin’ folk. That an agreement shouldn’t require more than a hearty handshake and a desire to work together. But that is not the truth. In reality, a good contract is written for the benefit and protection of both parties, and tries to cover the legal risks that both parties may face and provide a framework for fairly evaluating disputes. And this contract does none of that. But that is because, it’s not really their contract.


What Microsoft Zune and the Microsoft Phone have in common

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy V2 yet? If not, you should probably not read this and instead go make a sandwich or something. But if you have, then you probably got a good chuckle out of the ending where Peter Quill is handed a Microsoft Zune and told that its the big thing on Earth now. The joke of course is that the Zune is a relic that never really competed successfully against Apple’s iPod.


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