For years, I have had a picture hanging in my office. It is a semi-famous piece by the contemporary magical realist, Michael Parks. It shows a young girl blowing soap bubbles off the edge of a tall structure, and the stone gargoyles on the structure come to life. At some point during our time as mutual employees, I would call a developer into my office and instruct them to look at the picture. Take a couple minutes, I would say, and really look at it. Catalog in your head all the elements in the picture. Think about how it makes you feel, and what other ideas or images come to mind. After a few minutes of this, when they were satisfied they had seen enough (and I always knew they were wrong because of how quickly they were satisfied) I would ask them what they think the artist was trying to say with this painting. I would be met with a pained expression as the developer would then struggle to communicate to me that they saw a picture of a girl and a gargoyle and they were certain from the context that there was something more that they weren’t seeing, and that I was, and that their college courses on Computer Programming never covered art criticism, and this was a stupid exercise I was forcing on them anyway. I would try to walk them through it, ask leading questions as a teacher would, and eventually point out some of the things I was seeing.