What Microsoft Zune and the Microsoft Phone have in common

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy V2 yet? If not, you should probably not read this and instead go make a sandwich or something. But if you have, then you probably got a good chuckle out of the ending where Peter Quill is handed a Microsoft Zune and told that its the big thing on Earth now. The joke of course is that the Zune is a relic that never really competed successfully against Apple’s iPod.


Container Phone Manifesto

I need a new phone. No, there is nothing wrong with my phone, from a purely functionality point of view. It makes phone calls, sends text messages. I can even get to Facebook and YouTube from time to time. But while I recently was able to download and use the Starbucks app, I still can’t order and pay online, then grab my drink at the counter like other users do. When Pickup Stix launched their new app, I wasn’t able to download it and register to get my free entrée. You see, I have a Windows phone, and no one makes apps for that platform despite the general ease of doing so.


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