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What We Offer?

We understand that IT for business is about so much more than knowing alphabet soup jargon, like PHP or AJAX. IT for business is about identifying efficient, cost-effective tools, technology, and solutions to maximize profit—and potential.





IT Consulting

We offer a full range of IT consulting and services for small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you need short-term fixes or long-term answers, LittleMouse will guide you to the IT solutions that help companies boost growth and profit.

Software Development

Cookie-cutter designs are great for Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe. But when you need problem-solving, efficiency-boosting, business-growing software? Not so much. Effective software development starts with smart design–and smart design starts with pinpointing exactly which tools and technologies will take your processes from Point A to Point Seamless. LittleMouse will help you identify technology objectives that meet your business goals, and then create a solution that works.

IT Testing

Quality and assurance are more than just words—especially when it comes to the software your business relies on to create efficiency or connect with clients. LittleMouse offers the user acceptance testing that ensures quality and assurance for web and desktop applications. Our team has the expertise and tools to test all aspects of software to foster high adoption levels, enhance customer satisfaction, and keep you up-and-running. LittleMouse can provide software testing for any point in the development process as well as post-launch maintenance testing. If you need automated tests to support human-run software tests, we can develop those too. Whether you need to decrease time-to-market or create a more positive user experience, LittleMouse delivers the software testing services necessary for project success. Contact our team for a free initial consultation. We offer software testing and IT consulting to small and mid-sized businesses in San Clarita, Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond.


We care about what our customers think of us.

"Personal Training is a hard occupational choice. You make your living by convincing people to eschew the short term gratification in favor of the long term results. Customers come and go. LittleMouse Productions has given me the tools I need to reach my customers and maintain that contact with them, maximizing their productivity, and making sure my business continues smoothly."

Rising Phoenix Fitness and Martial Arts


"LittleMouse has worked with us every step of the way to make ValkyrieCRM feel like it was built just for us"

Atom Freeman, Valiant Entertainment