Word Press Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting for Business

By some accounts, 40% of the web is made up of WordPress sites. Its popularity comes from the fact that, with a large eco-system of pre-developed third-party templates and add-ons, a non-technical person can build an attractive and functional website in a couple of days.

But most people see their job as complete once the new website is live, not understanding that in reality it’s just getting started. Because of their popularity and simplicity, WordPress websites are under a state of constant attack and constant evolution. Maintaining a healthy and secure website is a responsibility.

WordPress CMS


Here are some of the advanced features our hosting customers enjoy.

Email Deliverability

Quit doubting whether or not your emails are being delivered. Our sites all use an industry leading robust external email provider.


Block annoying and embarrassing SPAM messages from your website’s comments and contact forms.

Network Reliability

No more sharing resources with anonymous other clients. Each site is hosted on its own virtual dedicated server with the world’s leading provider of Word Press hosting.

Site Monitoring

24/7 website monitoring. Know about outages as the occur via Email and SMS messaging.

Advanced Security

Daily scans for altered files, malicious software, and vulnerabilities in third party add-ons, combined with Multi-Factor Authentication, an application firewall updated in real-time, and login protection.


Off site could-based backups. Your entire system is recoverable should there ever be an incident.

Human Touch

There are AI Robots getting built into everything from toasters to television, and I for one would like to welcome our new electronic overlords….

But in the meantime, we pride ourselves on bringing a human touch to everything we do. Your site will be maintained and reviewed on a weekly basis by an actual human being. We make sure that all your plugins are up to date, all your backups have been running on schedule, and review failed login attempts, just to name a few things.


Let us host your site, and we will take care of the technical details for you. Don’t want to sit on the phone listening to hold music just so you can talk to a support person? We do that. Don’t understand how to setup your DNS? We do. While its certainly not required, our clients frequently prefer to let us handle all of the technical details for them and trust our expertise, so they can turn around and focus on their business.